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Planning the engagement party to share your nuptial joy with close relatives and friends

10 planning tips for the engagement party to make your engagement party a great success and the talk of the city.

Do you want to plan an engagement party to announce to everyone about the most important decision of your life?

Here are 10 tips to plan the engagement party:

1. Advertise it to your loved ones

You must tell your parents your decision, ideally in person before anyone else. It is time for you to share your joy and this happy moment. Then you can share it with your close friends and relatives.

2. Select an appropriate date and place for the announcement

An important part of planning the engagement party is choosing the date of the engagement party, it can be simple but complicated. You may want to celebrate at least six months before your wedding so that the celebrations are close enough for friends and relatives to remember and not too close so you do not stress working on two very important events of your life.

There are so many places to choose for your party! It can be a simple and intimate affair at home, a special corner at your favorite restaurant or a private room at your favorite restaurant or a barbecue on the beach.

3. Have an alternative or contingency plan for outdoor events

If you are planning an outdoor engagement party, control the weather. Choose the outdoor barbecue or picnic area where you can gather your little party at the last minute to a sheltered bar or restaurant and continue your party.

4. Party games for your engagement party

Choose some games and good party music to include in the planning process of the engagement party. It includes some icebreaker games where everyone will have the opportunity to meet each other especially for all the relatives and friends of both parties who will meet for the first time at their engagement party.

5. Planning the meal of the engagement party

There were many things that people complained about at the wedding and engagement parties: unfortunately, the party meal is included in the list. Food is an important part of the planning of the engagement party and should be given great importance.

If you plan to have a bit of luck, coordinate the food of all the taxpayers so that you do not end up with two beef goulashes, three apple pies and 5 salads!

If you’re not ready to be the best chef in the city, do not worry! Just let the restaurant or the beach club handle the catering and the surroundings.

Have fun and meet your uncle Joe and his aunt June instead of trying to prepare a storm in the kitchen.

6. Photography and video

Although this is not the day of the wedding, the images count more than a thousand words and last a long time. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have your friends and family take pictures and capture your special moments on a video camera or have a professional take pictures and videos for both events (your engagement and your wedding).

7. Looking for the house of your dreams in time for your engagement party

The house hunting for the house of your dreams is one of the most stressful and it is also one of your biggest investments. Find some good housing agents near your neighborhood, get the list from the National Accreditation Agency for Housing Agents. Check all newspapers and websites in your area.

Similarly, visit home exhibitions and home project launches to compare prices. Ask your colleagues, friends and relatives who recently bought houses or apartments for advice: this is a very important aspect for planning your engagement party, especially if you intend to celebrate the engagement party in your new home.

The following is my favorite: buy furniture and accessories for the house of my dreams. I spent a few months reading books and magazines about decorations for the home and went shopping through the window to get inspiration and ideas. If you want to conceptualize and put together all your ideas for the house of your dreams, prepare to spend a lot of time buying and comparing prices in the furniture shopping centers. Do not forget to bring your calculators.

8. What to wear for an engagement party

You do not want to put something elaborate or similar to your wedding. Consider the colors, the elegant casuals for the beach and the evening dresses and the outdoors for a night of glamor. It all depends on the theme of your engagement party really. Some prefer free and easy for everyone, without problems alone, focus on the happy couple.

9. Ask your best friends to be the bridesmaid and the best man

What better occasion to choose and ask your best friend and friends to be the bridesmaid and the best man. I am sure you will be very excited to be part of the team.

10. Get friends and relatives to bring pictures

You can ask your friends and family members to bring pictures taken with you or your partner in the past. You can then assemble events according to the dates (or estimates) and produce a slide show or an exhibition panel of mini photos for your wedding day.


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