What is your personal style?

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Style does not happen by accident.

It can not be cut out from the pages of a fashion magazine. You can not buy it in a design boutique. The style does not follow the trends It cannot be copied, and is never influenced by others.

Style does not care about the state. The style does not diminish with age. The style is not superficial The style is authentic, unique and expansive.

The style is powerful.

When you define your style, you define your life.

Have you ever left the house with confidence in your appearance, only to find yourself in front of the mirror the next day you confused how to recreate that fabulous sensation?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Style is not created by chance: it is an acquired skill, cultivated through careful attention to details and nuances. Without an understanding of the psychology of color, line and design, and a practical knowledge of the role they play in the attunement of clothing with appearance and expression, you may not be able to express why some garments satisfy and others. disappoint

Your style is a unique collection of distinctive features, creating awareness about what flatters your approach to the best of you: you immediately feel better, stay straight and think clearly. As your focus expands, so do all the positive aspects that you choose to focus on. Its unique profile is the way to bring its essence to self-expression.

Most people turn to celebrities, clothing designers and store mannequins for guidance on style. While these certainly can offer inspiration, they can not replace their own internal style expert. True style works from the inside out, but in a glamorous world of contradictory information and innumerable choices; It is difficult to discern what your individual tastes really are.

In a large field of elections and information, how do you edit?

What is the right haircut for my face, how does makeup work for me, is this really my style?

A criterion is an essential guide to find satisfaction in a culture that currently drives the conformity of the trend and the tour de force of celebrities.

Defining yourself and making selections that base your image feels appropriate because it reflects it and not the next turn of the rapidly changing trend wheel.

Style is a sensibility that hopes to be taken advantage of. It’s about the private pleasure you give in knowing who you are. Once you learn the basics of proportion and design, your style evolves naturally.

Dressing well is an acquired skill. Ultimately, it is a private process and is at its best when it arises from the human qualities of intelligence, passion and a sense of humor. Create a conscious state in which you and others see where you want to go; It attracts what you need to get there.

Style is a skill. It is a conscious process of self-discovery.

Image consultants provide you with the tools to express yourself in an authentic, distinctive and successful way. They help you raise confusion and provide clarity.

Authenticity is energizing, economic and efficient. When you reflect your essence and intentions in the world, the world responds accordingly. When you reflect them to yourself, you respond accordingly. We vindicate ourselves and define our style, not only for the world but also for the simple pleasure of being who we are.

Because Style does not happen by accident.

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