How to make memorable parts an art

Have you ever wanted to have a party? Did you ever want that party to be so unique that everyone talked about it for months after?

You can throw an incredible party! You can be remembered for the fantastic parties you throw.

Many details should be considered in the plans of your party

Throwing a party is the ultimate multitasking exercise. You should consider the day of the week in which the party will take place, the time of day or night, your budget, the menu, the before and after cleaning, the favors of the party, the music, the guest list, the theme , the location of the party and what will you wear

When you consider all the details, it can be quite overwhelming for a person. Where do you start? As a party planner for hundreds of parties in my life, I think the best place to start is with DELEGATE.

Decide who will work on this great effort with you and what you can do to help. Do not try to do it yourself. Do not have a full-time job or full-time responsibilities? Only if you have a life of leisure can you afford the idea of organizing the party on your own. And after thinking about it a bit, think again and start to DELEGATE.

Avoid party problems from the beginning. Go have fun!

Not delegating can result in one thing: working so hard that you will not have fun at your own party. You will be so stressed that it will show on your face. You will not be renewed, alert and as if you would like to give attention and consideration to your guests, and that is the worst possible mistake you could make when holding a party.

Your primary match success strategy

Avoid all the negative things that can happen by doing one thing: DELEGATION. Delegate who will be in charge of preparing the food and cleaning the food. You can maintain control of the purchase of food to ensure that the food budget is not exceeded.

Delegate who will be responsible for obtaining music and entertainment, once you decide what it will be. Delegate who will be responsible for sending the invitations after you decide who will be invited.

Delegate who will buy or create the favors of the party once you have decided what are the favors of the party.

As you can see, even if you delegate responsibilities to others for your party, you still have good control of the whole part. You maintain control of the budget, the subject, the location, the menu and the entertainment by making these decisions in advance. Any responsibility delegated is one that has the limits that is determined in advance. In this way, you expand the work but you maintain control.

Here is an example of how this strategy works. You decide a party for St. Patrick’s Day. The theme is all green, including organic ecological products. Your party favors are organic products. Your music is Irish music, Celtic music. Its location is your house and you want to configure the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the exterior so that you have Saint Patrick’s Day decorations and everything green. Their menu is just appetizers and desserts, since the party is after work and lasts a few hours. Your budget is $ 500, not a penny more. Your guest list is 20 and you think half is likely to show up. Most of your preliminary work is done with these decisions.

In the delegation process, you ask your friends who would be willing to help. You will need four or five to drastically reduce your workload. A friend, Mary will help with the appetizers and desserts. She has a budget of $ 150. Sam will help you with decorations and music. He has been a disc jockey before and is happy to oblige. Sarah is interested in organic products and can obtain them wholesale. $ 80 is assigned for party favors. You can decorate your house yourself and start collecting items such as streamers, centerpieces, napkins, kitchen and bathroom towels, etc. with a budget of $ 85. Mark is a graphic designer and can create invitations. Gayle will help you as an assistant at your party, taking care of small tasks that no one else does, including sending out invitations, helping with cleaning and helping with decorations.

You can see that the delegation has saved you hours of work. The advantage is that you will have a great time at your next party because you are not exhausted and dazzled by all the work. To have a great party, start with rule n. ° 1. Delegate. Do not be afraid of that. Just do it.

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