What are the hairstyle options for your wedding?

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After you have chosen your wedding dress, you can start thinking about your hairstyle. Her style of hairstyle can be derived from her dress style so that they become a combined work of art. You should also choose the hairstyle according to your personality and preference. You can talk with your stylist to make the most unique and beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day. Then you would be the most beautiful bride.

There are different options of hairstyles for your wedding. There are six styles that are more common. You can take these six styles for your reference.

1. Vintage romance

You can follow the fashion of restoring an old-fashioned look, the style of reminiscence is one of the most popular wedding themes recently. By adopting a vintage style of romantic hairstyle, you would probably carry out a classic quality.

2. floral elegance

Fresh flowers have their own gestures and colors, giving the stylist a lot of space to create and match in his hair. It can give a feeling of freshness and culture. However, fresh flowers are not without problems. Normally fresh flowers dry easily and the supply of a particular type of flower depends on the different seasons. You should ask your stylist about that before deciding to pick flowers as hair ornaments.

3. Long and loose

The bride with the long hair can bend the hair and combine it with different ornaments. It is as easy to have a style as an angel without losing the natural attraction of a woman.

4. Pearl charms

In this summer, the ribbons of different styles and width become the most modern fashion elements to add characters to your hair. You can use ribbons to make ornaments or scarves to become a fashionable bride and highlight your personality.

5. Thinning hair ornaments

The sparkling hair ornaments would make you stand out at the banquet and make you the real focus. Your guests will be impressed with your hairstyle. Therefore, diamonds are recommended as hair ornaments, since they not only sparkle but also convey a sense of nobility and elegance.

6. Beautiful braided

If you have long hair, you can try a braided hairstyle. This style offers a feeling of country feeling, which is quite simple but charming.

Things to remember

You should try different styles before deciding completely. And it’s better to put on makeup when you test your hairstyle because it gives you a different look with a different makeup style. By doing this, you can evaluate your hairstyle in a complete image.

If you want to cut your hair or dye, you should have it at least two weeks before the wedding. The reason for this is that if a problem occurs, you will still have time to fix it before your wedding day!

You should also speak frankly about your preference and the feeling of hairstyle with your stylist and let him/her help you find the right style for you on the wedding day!

Leather blazers: a true essential fashion

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Leather blazers will always be the attire that helps create a style statement. If you really want to create an impression, this outfit really helps you look fabulously different and makes you stand out from the colossal crowd. They have been on the fashion scene for a long time. In fact, the blazer style has really evolved over the years. Now it has struck a chord with both men and women and you will definitely find a leather blazer on the wish list of all true leather enthusiasts.

Leather blazers are available in a variety of styles these days. They are designed taking into account current trends. When combined properly, it can make you look supremely elegant and voguish. You can always put on a combination of elegant blazer and elegant denims. There are also many colors that you can experiment with. Colors like brown and red are just some of the options. Gone are the days when a foam blazer par excellence was simple and bland, the new variants in the market are supremely high in terms of style and quotient of comfort. The softest form of leather is lambskin. The lambskin jacket would have a very soft texture that would literally give a very soft feeling to your body. Lamb skins are used by many people and are also in great demand. They impart a very refined and elegant appearance to their appearance.

The combination of leather blazers and leather accessories is really worth experiencing. It sure will make you look impressively flashy. You can always fix your office with an elegant leather blazer that probably has a notched collar and combines it with formal pants and a shirt on the inside. A presentation of the office around the corner or a small corporate evening, an elegant leather blazer will always improve your look to the hilt. There is a variety of creations that will set trends in the fashion arena.

Leather blazers are also very useful during winters. It protects you from bad weather. Also, if you’re planning a bike tour, putting on a stylish leather blazer will enhance your elegant look. A bicycle tour is really incomplete without a leather outfit; its resistant style makes it a true essential fashion.

The important thing is that you choose correctly and create a positive impression wherever you go. There is nothing as utilitarian as leather, therefore, having this in your closet is definitely a necessity. A part of the fashion arena for years, this sleek-looking outfit has definitely struck a chord in all areas.

See Creative tips for engagement party planning

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Planning the engagement party to share your nuptial joy with close relatives and friends

10 planning tips for the engagement party to make your engagement party a great success and the talk of the city.

Do you want to plan an engagement party to announce to everyone about the most important decision of your life?

Here are 10 tips to plan the engagement party:

1. Advertise it to your loved ones

You must tell your parents your decision, ideally in person before anyone else. It is time for you to share your joy and this happy moment. Then you can share it with your close friends and relatives.

2. Select an appropriate date and place for the announcement

An important part of planning the engagement party is choosing the date of the engagement party, it can be simple but complicated. You may want to celebrate at least six months before your wedding so that the celebrations are close enough for friends and relatives to remember and not too close so you do not stress working on two very important events of your life.

There are so many places to choose for your party! It can be a simple and intimate affair at home, a special corner at your favorite restaurant or a private room at your favorite restaurant or a barbecue on the beach.

3. Have an alternative or contingency plan for outdoor events

If you are planning an outdoor engagement party, control the weather. Choose the outdoor barbecue or picnic area where you can gather your little party at the last minute to a sheltered bar or restaurant and continue your party.

4. Party games for your engagement party

Choose some games and good party music to include in the planning process of the engagement party. It includes some icebreaker games where everyone will have the opportunity to meet each other especially for all the relatives and friends of both parties who will meet for the first time at their engagement party.

5. Planning the meal of the engagement party

There were many things that people complained about at the wedding and engagement parties: unfortunately, the party meal is included in the list. Food is an important part of the planning of the engagement party and should be given great importance.

If you plan to have a bit of luck, coordinate the food of all the taxpayers so that you do not end up with two beef goulashes, three apple pies and 5 salads!

If you’re not ready to be the best chef in the city, do not worry! Just let the restaurant or the beach club handle the catering and the surroundings.

Have fun and meet your uncle Joe and his aunt June instead of trying to prepare a storm in the kitchen.

6. Photography and video

Although this is not the day of the wedding, the images count more than a thousand words and last a long time. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have your friends and family take pictures and capture your special moments on a video camera or have a professional take pictures and videos for both events (your engagement and your wedding).

7. Looking for the house of your dreams in time for your engagement party

The house hunting for the house of your dreams is one of the most stressful and it is also one of your biggest investments. Find some good housing agents near your neighborhood, get the list from the National Accreditation Agency for Housing Agents. Check all newspapers and websites in your area.

Similarly, visit home exhibitions and home project launches to compare prices. Ask your colleagues, friends and relatives who recently bought houses or apartments for advice: this is a very important aspect for planning your engagement party, especially if you intend to celebrate the engagement party in your new home.

The following is my favorite: buy furniture and accessories for the house of my dreams. I spent a few months reading books and magazines about decorations for the home and went shopping through the window to get inspiration and ideas. If you want to conceptualize and put together all your ideas for the house of your dreams, prepare to spend a lot of time buying and comparing prices in the furniture shopping centers. Do not forget to bring your calculators.

8. What to wear for an engagement party

You do not want to put something elaborate or similar to your wedding. Consider the colors, the elegant casuals for the beach and the evening dresses and the outdoors for a night of glamor. It all depends on the theme of your engagement party really. Some prefer free and easy for everyone, without problems alone, focus on the happy couple.

9. Ask your best friends to be the bridesmaid and the best man

What better occasion to choose and ask your best friend and friends to be the bridesmaid and the best man. I am sure you will be very excited to be part of the team.

10. Get friends and relatives to bring pictures

You can ask your friends and family members to bring pictures taken with you or your partner in the past. You can then assemble events according to the dates (or estimates) and produce a slide show or an exhibition panel of mini photos for your wedding day.


Should you hire a party planner for your child’s birthday party?

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A party is always something special to do for your child for his birthday. Everyone, adults included, adore the joy of birthday party celebrations with balloons, cake, gifts and gathering of friends and family.

However, when it comes to organizing a birthday party, the question on many parents’ minds is: “Do I organize it myself or contract an organizer for a birthday party?”

The most convenient option is to hire a “one-stop party planner” who will take care of everything. This is a tempting thought, especially if you are busy at work and have to handle a million other things. The job of the party planner is to be responsible for the party from start to finish, which usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours. With their experience and their network of party support providers, these planners could easily reserve the occupied father the perfect place complete with decorations and a cake, order food from the best suppliers and get a clown or magician to entertain their son and his friends . Of course, one can expect to pay a premium for quality, convenience, time and experience.

Cost aside, there is compensation, however. While you have final decision-making power, your choices of venues, catering services, places to obtain decorations for parties and gifts are generally limited to the contacts of party planners. Naturally, due to personal and commercial reasons, their inclinations are to stay with people and places with which they are already familiar or with whom they have a commercial relationship. This can be limiting and frustrating, especially if the preferences are different.

In addition, your child’s birthday party is a personal project and it is difficult for a third party to meet the expectations or vision you may have. Lack of communication or misunderstandings can make the delivery of the planner not achieve what you have planned.

The other option is not to hire a one-stop party organizer, but to organize the party yourself. This is not as difficult as it seems. The first step is to find all the information you can about organizing a birthday party from the Internet. Next, look for a good artist for the birthday party.

An experienced party entertainer will provide a great entertainment package usually from 30min to 45min in length. A good artist can also pack games, balloon-shaped animals and arrange the cut of the cake for an even longer duration. However, in addition to providing entertainment, the animator is also a valuable source of information and knowledge … free!

If the party animator is experienced high standards, he/she would have a lot of knowledge and contacts. The animator can offer suggestions about places, restaurants and bakeries. Although you will ultimately have to make all the arrangements yourself, this idea from the party animator will definitely help you get off on the right foot with the eventual freedom of choice of the vendors. Therefore, technically, you get almost the same professional experience and the same advice that party planners can offer, at no additional cost.

Another positive point of hiring a birthday party animator is that you are in direct contact with the party animator; You can effectively communicate the preferences and tastes of your child. This will ensure that he/she can customize the entertainment package accordingly.

Naturally, organizing the party yourself will take your time and effort. However, your child’s party should be seen as a personal project and also as an opportunity to bond with your child by involving him or her in the decision making of the party. The usual discussion between parents can only be transformed into a bonding session between the child and the parents. And with your child’s contributions, not only will he/she be empowered, but he/she will also be on the way to offer your child the perfect birthday party.

The 10 best hair style suggestions to avoid bad hair day

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No more bad hair days!

If you ask most of the professional stylists, they will tell you that less than 25% of the female population really knows what shape of face and skin tone they have. Knowing the shape of your face will allow you to choose the perfect haircut. Knowing the tone of your skin will allow you to choose the perfect hair color. Most women know even less about how to comb their hair.

Women are also confused when it comes to knowing what kind of hair they have. They may have a lot of hair, which makes them think they have thick hair, when in fact each individual hair can be thin, rough or wavy. This is the reason why many women buy and use the wrong styling products. If you’ve ever had a bad hair day, take a look at this list of the top 10 reasons why they happen and promise to avoid them when you create your next hairstyle.

These are the top ten hair style mistakes that hair professionals will tell most women:

1. Bad drying habits.

The hair of almost all women can use some volume. Even hair that is straight poker will look better with a little volume. The trick is in blow-drying. Do not dry your hair from front to back, dry it from back to front, lift the roots and lift the hair with a round brush. For even more volume use a ventilation brush. The dryer should be kept at a minimum distance of 12 inches from the scalp and keep it moving.

2. Without protection.

If you use a hair dryer, curling iron and/or electric curlers, you should use a thermal protective spray. Without it, your hair is susceptible to damage by high heat temperatures. Simply spray your hair lightly and comb it lengthwise to distribute it evenly.

3. The wrong choice.

You might think that most women would know their hair type. But when it comes to choosing the perfect products for your hair type, most women have no idea. You may know that your hair is curly, but is it a fine, rough or medium texture? Is it treated with color, straight, wavy or slimming? Do you need a thick gel or just a light mousse? If you are not sure of your exact hair type, ask your stylist. You may need to combine two or more products to get the best results. It’s not rocket science, but it’s close!

4. Too much of something good.

Even when they find the perfect product, most women use too much. When your stylist gives you the perfect haircut for your hair, few styling products should be necessary. Your hair should fall in its place naturally. Generally, it does not take more than a penny of product. You will need even fewer serums or ointments since they are more concentrated. Pilar your hair with too much product can make it look unwashed and become a dust magnet.

5. Flat iron flattening

The incorrect use of the iron is evident to most stylists. Many women forget the thermal spray that protects the hair from the heat of an iron. After using the protection, you should start by sectioning the hair into small sections, almost as wide as the iron. Starting at the roots, slowly pull the iron towards the silk and smooth the hair. When it reaches the end of your hair, you can choose to shoot directly, turn over or turn around.

6. Trying to comb wet or wet hair.

Only completely dry hair will maintain a hair style. If your hair takes a long time to dry, you may want to wash it at night to prevent it from rushing in the morning. Actually, hair that has had time to recover some of the oils that have been washed will perform better. Once the hair is completely dry, apply the styling products you are using and continue to dry the hair in a low to medium setting. Then style.

7. Waiting too long between haircuts.

Ask any professional: a great hairstyle starts with a great haircut. Some haircuts will look good as they grow, but if you like the hairstyle you’re wearing, come back to the stylist as soon as the hair starts to grow. This could be between 4 and 8 weeks. This will help the stylist know exactly what you want. Another good tip is when you get that perfect hairstyle or haircut, be sure to take a picture, one from the front, one from the back and both, and take them with you. In this way, the stylist will know exactly what he wants. Even if you want to grow your hair, a cut of the spilled ends is very important. The frequent ornaments

8. About the style.

Unless you are a model catwalk or someone who is embarking on one of the most memorable occasions in life, such as your wedding or graduation party, it is not necessary to ignore it. Today’s styles require natural hair that moves and falls freely. This is achieved with the right hairstyle that suits your hair type and the use of the right styling products.

9. Under the style

Just the opposite of the style is the millions of women who do nothing. Unless your hair is only a few inches long, it is not “wash and go”. The right haircut, a small drying and styling product can make a difference in the world. Give it a try!

10. Choose the wrong hair style all together.

Most women choose a hairstyle they see in someone else. What looks good on your favorite celebrity or co-worker may not be the hair style that suits your shape or it will work with your type of hair texture, whether wavy, curly, straight or thick and stretchy poker. Your stylist will know what your hair will do and what it will not do, so it is best to take with you several style images when visiting your stylist for a new haircut.

What is your personal style?

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Style does not happen by accident.

It can not be cut out from the pages of a fashion magazine. You can not buy it in a design boutique. The style does not follow the trends It cannot be copied, and is never influenced by others.

Style does not care about the state. The style does not diminish with age. The style is not superficial The style is authentic, unique and expansive.

The style is powerful.

When you define your style, you define your life.

Have you ever left the house with confidence in your appearance, only to find yourself in front of the mirror the next day you confused how to recreate that fabulous sensation?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Style is not created by chance: it is an acquired skill, cultivated through careful attention to details and nuances. Without an understanding of the psychology of color, line and design, and a practical knowledge of the role they play in the attunement of clothing with appearance and expression, you may not be able to express why some garments satisfy and others. disappoint

Your style is a unique collection of distinctive features, creating awareness about what flatters your approach to the best of you: you immediately feel better, stay straight and think clearly. As your focus expands, so do all the positive aspects that you choose to focus on. Its unique profile is the way to bring its essence to self-expression.

Most people turn to celebrities, clothing designers and store mannequins for guidance on style. While these certainly can offer inspiration, they can not replace their own internal style expert. True style works from the inside out, but in a glamorous world of contradictory information and innumerable choices; It is difficult to discern what your individual tastes really are.

In a large field of elections and information, how do you edit?

What is the right haircut for my face, how does makeup work for me, is this really my style?

A criterion is an essential guide to find satisfaction in a culture that currently drives the conformity of the trend and the tour de force of celebrities.

Defining yourself and making selections that base your image feels appropriate because it reflects it and not the next turn of the rapidly changing trend wheel.

Style is a sensibility that hopes to be taken advantage of. It’s about the private pleasure you give in knowing who you are. Once you learn the basics of proportion and design, your style evolves naturally.

Dressing well is an acquired skill. Ultimately, it is a private process and is at its best when it arises from the human qualities of intelligence, passion and a sense of humor. Create a conscious state in which you and others see where you want to go; It attracts what you need to get there.

Style is a skill. It is a conscious process of self-discovery.

Image consultants provide you with the tools to express yourself in an authentic, distinctive and successful way. They help you raise confusion and provide clarity.

Authenticity is energizing, economic and efficient. When you reflect your essence and intentions in the world, the world responds accordingly. When you reflect them to yourself, you respond accordingly. We vindicate ourselves and define our style, not only for the world but also for the simple pleasure of being who we are.

Because Style does not happen by accident.

Leather sets matter the opulent look

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The leather dresses make an appearance on every occasion and at all times of the year. What is so special about dresses is that their fashion has been in fashion since time immemorial and there is no chance of going out of fashion. The leather sets give an opulent appearance to the use and its soft and flexible nature makes the user feel good.

Leather sets have seen great changes over time. Unlike before, today they are available in many styles, shapes, cuts, designs, colors, etc. The most striking thing about this outfit is its comfort that makes them more loved by all. All this speaks about the versatile nature of these sets. They are worthy of everyone. His only glance is enough to tell his story of superiority. The main reason why leather is a center of many qualities is because it is a natural fabric. The unique aspect that lends cannot be granted by any other fabric. Here in this article, we will learn about more made of leather, which will tell something more special about leather dresses. It will also involve some care advice, which should be followed.

Facts about leather dresses;

In addition to the soft leather dresses, they also have a great quality to resist rips, injuries and scratches. Thus, with beauty, it imparts great protection too.

In use, leather dresses automatically focus on assets and remove attention from defects. This is your biggest advantage.

The leather set is versatile enough to fit the person, age and lifestyle of everyone.

The leather outfits are respectful with the weather, therefore, they are suitable for use at all times, whether it is with heat, cold, wind or rain, and repels moisture.

Leather clothing is stretchable; therefore, it is molded according to the body. But at the same time it retains its form again.

The reason for its softness is its natural origin. Naturally, that’s how he breathes and that’s what makes them soft.

The extremes of temperature are detrimental to leather attire. Always keep them at room temperature.

Padded hangers are suitable for hanging leather suits. Wire hangers distort their shape.

As soon as you have bought leather clothes, apply conditioner to straighten.

Solutions such as oil, wax, etc. they should stay away from leather sets. They restrict the passage of air, therefore, they do damage.

Before applying any solution on leather clothes to condition or polish it, first test it in a hidden area just to protect the leather.

Heavy items should not be kept on top of leather dresses as you stretch them.

Do not spray perfume in leather suits.

If liquid is spilled on leather clothing, wipe it immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Always dry the leather at room temperature. Never dry the leather with the dryer. He makes the leather hard and breaks it.

If the stain is severe, it is better to wear leather clothes to a professional person to clean it.

Plastic is a great enemy of leather sets. Leather is a breathable fabric and plastic does not let air pass.

A lot of sunlight is harmful to leather dresses. Keep them in the sun for a short time only.

These are some facts about leather dresses. They will expand your horizon on the leather fabric and help you keep your most loved attire with you for a long time.